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Lithium Batteries With More Than A Hundred

by:HGB     2020-09-20

This one might be the single most over rated & misunderstood of all battery rankings. rated at a thousand mAh can be utterly discharged in one hour with a a thousand milliamp load placed on it. I do not want to start into motor rankings; battery scores are lots to get by way of, however wanted to clear that Kv question up since I get it so usually.

There is a caveat I should point out regarding the utmost eighty% discharge rule, and that is for aggressive/onerous 3D sort flying. When you are really flying exhausting , the eighty% rule is in my opinion over discharging and sure shortening the lifetime of your LiPo.

Okay, if there is just one factor you get out of this whole page, that's to know how damaging it's to over-discharge a LiPo battery. Now, in the actual world, it's most unlikely you may be flying and pulling 100 Amps out of your chook on a regular basis. It might solely see brief bursts of one hundred Amps for instance in which case that 50C number could be an excellent burst number to go by, with maybe a 25C to 30C rating for normal utilization. The higher the C ranking, often the dearer and even slightly heavier the battery gets. This is the place it can save you some cash, and perhaps even a little weight.

A good clue if you're pushing too many amps by way of the balance leads can be a warm/hot stability plug/wiring. Depending on the stability plug and gauge of wiring being used, some individuals find even Amps an excessive amount of, so do monitor that plug and wiring when you do cost by way of the steadiness plug to ensure they are not getting scorching. Since the gauge of balance plug wiring and the plug itself are small, this method solely works on smaller LiPo's or cost rates not much greater then 2.5 amps maximum. I would additionally strongly suggest by no means charging over 1C if the ambient air temperature is over 30C .

Speaking of timing your flight, that is the standard means most of us use to know when to come back back and land. All computerized RC radios nowadays have throttle stick activated timers for this very purpose. LVC is nothing more than a final ditch effort to avoid most battery hurt and definitely not one thing to rely on.

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