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Lithium Ion

by:HGB     2020-10-26

Have a buddy put a voltmeter on the outer 2 terminals to learn the voltage - more than likely it is almost dead. Thus we conclude that certainly the batteries are headed to the trash bin. I’ve just read that heating the battery with a hairdryer till it is good and scorching wakes it up. There have been loads of ” yes this works ” comments.

Strip the micro finish down to the wires and jump begin it like a automotive battery. I had one other unhealthy battery I tried to resurrect the same method that was holding 0.55v, it was not recoverable. Never would hold at greater than ~1.5v and I gave up earlier than I messed something up. Any help could be significantly appreciated as I can't return the battery back. People need miracle units on a regular basis, and different individuals need to make them pleased by selling them.

I left my HP pro guide 440 G2 on hibernation for few days out of town and got here to fulfill it drained and received’t cost. Another 20 min’s and nonetheless only at one bar on the show however removed the batteries and examined with meter and am now at 3.6 volts each.

They’re normally cheap sufficient that it’s not worth returning them, and should you do, good luck getting your money back. That is the precise mod that I have besides mine is black however identical one. He is the one I go to for questions and to construct my coils and stuff.

When measured with an excellent quality volt meter one cell read 1 volt and the opposite learn 1.2 volts. The battery is very slowly arising from 0v and is now sitting at 1.8v and slowly climbing.

I got my mod from fluid as well as the atomizer. if it takes longer than one minute to revive, then the battery is dangerous, and should be discarded. Yes, some folks – many people – have been lucky after they have tried to rejuvenate batteries in easy methods. If they played Russian roulette, five out of six would think that was fairly secure too.

After about 20 minutes within the vape it began to point out 1 bar that meant they are charging. I pulled them out and measured again with the meter and they now read three.2 volts every. I then put them back into the vape and they began charging.

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