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Lithium Iron

by:HGB     2020-09-04

#1 Externally communicable BMS, at a bare minimal Bluetooth, (this in fact has its personal points). For us to take on a drop-in battery, as we have with the Lithionics drop-ins, it should meet what we consider to be a dependable design for a typical cruising boat.

The utility of a “marine” sticker, and even perhaps a properly marketed brand name on the plastic box, does not always denote a product that's properly engineered or specifically engineered for use on a cruising boat. A large variety of the rebranding/sticker software manufacturers are shopping for from the same precise Chinese factories.

I personally have essentially the most experience with Lithionics, Genasun (now defunct) and Mastervolt. #8 External BMS alerts that may externally warn of a trend towards a disconnect.

If you occur to glean one thing from this article, that’s nice, but please don’t ask for consultation on LFP batteries until you're purchasing the LFP batteries we provide. The base of this article was written numerous years ago but this does not mean the knowledge here is outdated. I actually have been preserving it updated and have added to it when ever I actually have time.

Far too many owners insisting on chopping corners and a number of conditions the place end consumer implementation, was not done to the design or agreed design criteria. These quick-cuts by consult purchasers have pressured our palms on this front.

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