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by:HGB     2020-07-20

This web page ('RC' Type Batteries) was last updated on Jul thirteen, 2020. Even though the completely different battery types have very dissimilar weights and capacities, they produce very comparable driving efficiency with the Granite. I omitted pointless connectors and wire by soldering the ESC leads directly to the motor. I'm seeing run occasions of about 7 to eight minutes when driving on a mix of exhausting-packed dust and pavement. The Granite will slog through grass simply fine, however run occasions undergo.

To extra distant European international locations the worldwide parcel dispatch takes between three and 6 working days, to remote areas as much as eight days. During the day our customer service is normally really fast and in the evening we are little slower due we have less people to reply questions. Easier issues are often handled inside the hour and delivery associated issues we try to deal with through the day so they can be shipped out the identical day. Our objective is to reply all emails inside 24h irrespective of how difficult the query is. The quickest method to get customer service is always to send us a email.

Please embody relevant photos and a structured e mail with proper sentences so we are able to reply you quicker. Take your time and read trough your e mail as soon as earlier than you send it to us. Mil-Spec pc controlled welding tools and top of the range manufacturing materials are used all through the assembly course of. We don’t cut corners, each pack is built to order, to spec and with the finest materials obtainable anywhere.

The ESC wires are long enough to reach the solder pads on the motor directly. This mod actually is not obligatory, however it omits two unnecessary connections and little bit of superfluous wire. The Granite makes use of a detachable cradle for battery positioning. Note the spring contacts on the battery door in addition to the string tied to the cradle to ease removal. Due to high quantity, we won't respond to individual comments.

Tattu R-line is at all times the first and best choice for prime racing FPV pilots on the planet. It's received larger capacity, lower inner resistance, and lower touchdown temperatures.

The stock tires work nicely on all of those surfaces. Speaking of the ESC, I eliminated the bullet connectors between the motor and ESC.

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