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Rc Battery Types Explained

by:HGB     2020-07-17

With no solutions I determined to drain the batteries of two scooters by operating the motors with the throttle on full and turning the lights on. However after 5 hours of fixed operating the scooters meters had been still displaying full and the volts where at forty eight.7 and my volt meter was displaying 48.6 volts. After 5 hour only dropped 2 volts while safety shutoff is forty two volt. The next day I charged the batteries and yes they took an excellent cost, 7 hours and still taking a charge once I left for the day (I even have them on a 12 hour timer). These Chaowei deep cycle gel batteries have to be excellent with little self discharge to not besides a charge for 4 months.

Silas Sir I might be very grateful should you guide me to build a charger of a four volt Li ion battery(which I even have dismantled from my old laptop computer battery)……Thank You. I Have a yacht with four Trojan T105‘s(6v – 2 in sequence- paralleled X 2) as one financial institution and a truck and tractor battery as the other financial institution. These are continuously charged by both solar panel and wind generator ( by way of a regulator) and also charged when the motor is operating by alternator.

Jeremy Fear Yes, it i s potential for it to have an inner ‘open’ within the cell. This happens when a weld point begins to come free in the battery and it is unable to move any vital current along the now thin connecting point. Randy We have a few 10 tonne dump trailers that are towed behind a few chev /four ton vans (1 alternator)1 battery.

Also towed by 2 ford 1 tons which have twin batteries in them. kind twelve volt battery linked by way of a twin battery charger relay isolator so that each would charge when the motor is running but both wouldn't drain when the motor just isn't operating.

It seems that there will not be anything wrong with my batteries. I was told that the batteries must be charged each month or two or sulfation would set in. But the batteries not excepting a cost after 4 months was regarding.

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