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Rc Suspension Tuning Guide

by:HGB     2020-07-16

I switched to excessive beam & after about 10 seconds they each went out. I knew one thing was incorrect & suspected the regulator first. BatteryStuff Tech Whether or not current goes into the battery after being totally expenses is entirely dependant on the mannequin charger you use and due to this fact I can't reply your query.

I first thought the regulator was dangerous & replaced it. At that point, one battery was studying sixteen.4v & the other sixteen.2.

I found I had purchased the wrong regulator, so I purchased a second one. I put the unique regulator again in, resulting in my assumption that one battery received‘t hold a cost and the alternator/regulator is attempting “more durable” to cost it.

The batteries have been in it once I purchased it, however they‘re different brands & I actually have no way of telling when either was purchased. Would my assumption be appropriate, and should I replace the battery with the upper voltage reading (or both)? What started this was when I purchased the rv, before driving house I turned on the headlights and one went out immediately. I turned them off & the vendor turned them back on & the second headlight went out. The first time I used them the brand new ones went out together.

Not positive in the event that they‘re linked in series or parallel. It has a single alternator and a separate voltage regulator. With the engine operating, one battery reads 12.4v, the other reads 16v. I assume this means the alternator is trying to cost this battery extra?

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