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Remy Battery Stocks Lifepo4 Batteries For

by:HGB     2020-09-03

Carl spends plenty of time in China, on the factories, and solely buys premium cells. Buying cells from AliX, eBay, Amazon and so forth. is a real crap-shoot.

The term “drop-in alternative” is a really misleading moniker, as these batteries are far from a “drop-in” replacement for lead acid. If you wish to conduct a DIY build, we also strongly suggest purchasing cells from Carl at Electric Car Parts Company.

They get away with this because they know the overwhelming majority of consumers don't have any means properly to check them. Lithionics can actually provide a performance test sheet for each cell in their drop-in batteries. I just lately watched a video by a extremely popular YouTuber where he was touting a “superb deal” on a drop-in battery.

As we’ve seen here, from customers who’ve taken this risk, it very often results in house owners getting reject grade, poorly matched cells, that haven't any chance of staying in balance. I do not imagine LiFePO4 is prepared for mass DIY prime time builds. Read with warning, and especially focus on the issues that you simply don’t wish to hear quite than solely what you wish to hear. Once you're done reading this, and it is sensible to you, then please spend one other few months reading every little thing you'll be able to together with every single LiFePO4 white paper you may get your arms on.

It was absolutely not a drop-in battery, and had ZERO BMS PROTECTION!!!! #2 Vibration – Many of the cheaply sourced drop-ins are utilizing 18650, or cylindrical cells inside the battery case.

Compass Marine Inc. / no longer does any long distance consulting or design work for LFP batteries. We solely seek the advice of on the LiFePO4 batteries we promote (at present Lithionics). If the boat just isn't readily accessible right here in Maine, Casco Bay to be particular, we can not do LFP consults for aside from the aforementioned Lithionics LFP. #3 – The ABYC Li-Ion Battery TE or “Technical Information Report” just isn't yet revealed though its been in the works since 2014. It’s still a long way out for this to become a full blown commonplace.

In a worst case, a 100Ah LFP battery, constructed from cells, would wish a grand whole of 364 cells with two connections per cell. Sadly Ai-xxxxx has actually become a dumping floor for reject LFP cells and batteries from the Chinese factories. The reputation of drop-in LFP has actually exploded within the final 2 years. This is good for LFP batteries as a whole but can even probably be dangerous, if the right drop-in’s are not chosen. There are issues that must be thought of beyond just “dropping them in“.

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