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by:HGB     2020-09-27

So, in a single 100Ah battery, made of 18650’s, just to connect the cells, we now have as many as 768 spot welds to depend on. Beyond that we now have all the internal wiring and BMS connections.

As a fellow US enterprise owner, and manufacturer of products that really made here in the USA, this degree of misleading marketing bugs me a bit. No one knows the place the ABYC standards will land on Li-Ion batteries getting used on boats yet, .

What if the normal requires a batteries BMS to have the ability to talk externally, and yours does not? There will be many questions answered when the ABYC finalizes the first TE report.

If you might be moving into into LFP, pre-ABYC standards, as I actually have accomplished on my own vessel, be ready to be denied insurance coverage and be capable of absorb that cost if your battery bank does not meet these requirements. Nothing wrong with playing, simply have the ability to settle for dropping, if you picked the mistaken product.

With solely the batteries serial quantity, Lithionics can print this report and send it to you. This is the kind of data that every drop-in battery maker ought to be capable of provide. Lithionics can actually supply a efficiency check sheet for every cell of their drop-in batteries. The connections, with 18650s’s, are almost at all times spot welded to end boards that make up the person cells.

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