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Victron Energy Lifepo4 Battery 12,8v

by:HGB     2020-08-31

No one knows the place the ABYC requirements will land on Li-Ion batteries getting used on boats but, but the committee is getting shut. If you're moving into into LFP, pre-ABYC standards, as I actually have done alone vessel, be ready to be denied insurance and be capable of take in that price if your bank does not meet these requirements. Nothing incorrect with playing just have the ability to settle for to shedding out, should you chose the incorrect product. Unfortunately with most “drop-in” batteries you don’t know what is inside, or how nicely matched the cells or cell block are.

Lithionics can truly supply a take a look at sheet for every cell in their drop-in batteries. Unfortunately, for our trade, most of the “A” graded LFP cells used in the plethora of Chinese drop-ins, are bought into the road lighting industry. For boaters this could mean the low-grade “orphaned” or “rejected” cells wind up in batteries that will look the identical however are sold on Ali-xxxx, eBay or via other less reputable sources. Ai-xxxxx has literally turn into the dumping grounds for reject cells and batteries from the Chinese factories.

The average lead acid battery on boats is commonly dead properly earlier than one hundred fifty – 200 cycles they usually rarely if ever even come close to the “lab rated” cycles. They are normally lifeless nicely before 50% of the lab rated cycles. Do the mathematics on your own financial institution, be honest about it, and see how many cycles you had, to 50% SOC, before your financial institution wanted substitute.

You are primarily taking pictures darts with a blind fold on. Lithionics and Battleborn are the only two drop-in producers we all know of that pay very shut consideration to inside cell matching.

The 400Ah financial institution in this article weighs 134 pounds less than a 400Ah lead acid financial institution. However, to equal the usable capacity of a 400Ah LFP bank, by myself boat, I would have wanted approx 900Ah’s of lead acid. This makes the 400Ah LFP financial institution approx 400 pounds lighter than the equivalent usable capability in lead acid. Alex MeVay, the CEO of Genasun, firmly believed in 2000+ cycles to 70% DOD and they have had marine house banks on the market since 2007/2008. This is totally wonderful cycle life in comparison with lead acid.

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