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History of remote control helicopters

by:HGB     2019-10-12
The remote control helicopter is remotely controlled by a handheld transmitter and a built-in receiver.The receiver controls the motor/servo system, which in turn controls the motion of the aircraft.The ancient Chinese were playing with a handmade toy and when it was spinning fast, it would rise up into the air.
Leonardo da-Then, da Vinci drew the earliest machine drawings we now call a helicopter.Just before the 20 th century, the breakthrough invention of the internal combustion engine made it possible for the Pioneers to create a full-size model.In 1924, the French pioneer, Etienne ohmigan, was the first person to fly a helicopter on a monitored closed-circuit flight.
After that, their technological progress has become rapid and intense.By 1936, most of the early problems have been overcome, and the first practical helicopter has become a reality.Dieter Schulte was the first person to make a remote control helicopter in 1968.
It will take another decade for a half-scale model to be introduced into the mainstream.But until Dave Gray came up with Du-Bro Whirlybird.Whirlybird and most earlier versions of the remote control helicopter are difficult and dangerous to fly.
Achieving height and staying flying for a long time is some of the problems encountered when earlier versions were created.This is because the lift requires a larger engine, which in turn requires more fuel, which means the aircraft is heavier.Since the helicopter will eventually spin out of control, a motor turn is another problem.
Recently, the Wallis car gyro introduced the gyro technology, which helps solve the problem of the device\'s endless rotation when trying to manipulate the corner.Gyro technology eliminates the constant circulation of toysThe bird, because it can detect any movement of the pendulum and return to a more stable position.This means that it is easier for novices to use remote control helicopters now.
With the development of technology, the remote control helicopter becomes smaller and smaller, some of which can be placed in the palm of your hand.Now they can buy it at your local pharmacy, and more complex ones can be bought online.For each type of enthusiast, there is a wider choice, and they are now even used for commercial purposes such as military purposes of spy planes or low-altitude photography.
With the addition of the remote control helicopters, the design has also been greatly improved, which have a collective tilt (longitudinal rotation of the blades to change or reverse the lifting of the body ).Although these models have proven to be more difficult to fly, they are more operational in terms of aerodynamics.There are also a variety of power supplies including electricity, gasoline and Nitro.
These miniature engines were originally driven by methanol.Stroke engines, but now more often than not, a brushless motor combined with a lithium polymer battery provides higher efficiency, performance and longer life.With the continuous progress of technology, the future of this helicopter is unlimited.
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