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how can lithium-ion batteries improve hybrids?

by:HGB     2020-02-20
Lithium-ion vs.
The most obvious difference between nickel metal hydrogen cells Li-
Ion and NiMH batteries are materials used to store electricity. Lithium-
Lithium-ion batteries are made of carbon and highly active lithium, which can store a lot of energy.
Nickel Metal hydrogen batteries store energy with hydrogen, with nickel and another metal (
Such as titanium)
Keep the lid on hydrogen ions.
Of course, with these different structures, there are also a few practical differences: Cost: Nickel Metal hydrogen batteries are now less
Expensive Technology
Production as lithium
However, the ion battery has increased and economies of scale have begun to play a role, Li-
The ion pool should drop.
When more vehicles need more batteries, the manufacturing cost of each battery will be reduced.
Weight: NiMH battery ratio Li-ion batteries.
The weight of a hybrid car is important because the battery power must overcome the inertia of the car (
No help with gasoline engines)
Maximum mileage.
Lighter battery packs with higher energy density make it easier for cars to drive. Power: Li-
In fact, lithium-ion batteries and NiMH batteries can maintain a similar amount of electricity, but lithium-
Ion batteries can charge and discharge faster. Li-
Ions also don\'t have that much \"memory effect\", which occurs when the battery is charged before it is fully exhausted.
This may reduce the capacity of the battery. Lithium-
Compared with NiMH batteries, ion batteries are less affected by memory effectsSource: Hitachi.
Durability: while both types of batteries are durable and have been in use for years in a variety of applications, this is one area where NiMH has an advantage. Some Li-
At extreme temperatures, especially in a very hot climate, ion batteries will not last long.
But the manufacturer is trying to improve the chemical reaction to make Li-
Ion batteries can be used as long as the car is charged.
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