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how lithium-ion batteries work

by:HGB     2020-02-19
Ion batteries are very popular today.
You can find them in your laptop, pda, mobile phone and ipod.
They are common because they are the most vibrant rechargeable batteries at the moment. Âxad Lithium-
There have also been news of ion batteries recently.
This is because these batteries catch fire occasionally.
Only two or three out of every million battery packs have problems, which is not common, but this is extreme when it happens.
In some cases, the failure rate may rise, and when this happens, you end up recalling the battery globally, which can cost the manufacturer millions of dollars.
So the question is, what makes these batteries so vibrant and so popular?
How did they explode?
Is there anything you can do to prevent this problem or help your battery for longer?
In this article, we will answer these questions and so on. Lithium-
Ion batteries are popular because they have many important advantages over competitors\' technology: that is, lithium-
The ion battery is perfect.
They also have some disadvantages: Many of these features can be understood by looking at the chemical reactions in lithiumion cell.
Let\'s see this next time.
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