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how lithium-ion batteries work

by:HGB     2020-02-20
Life and Life of lithium ion batteries
Ion battery packs are expensive, so here are some things to remember if you want your battery to last longer: now we know how to keep lithium
Ion batteries work longer, let\'s see why they explode.
If the battery becomes hot enough to ignite the electrolyte, you will catch fire.
There are video clips and photos on the web that show how serious these fires are.
A cbc article, \"Summer of Laptop Explosion\", summarizes several of these events.
When a similar fire occurs, it is usually caused by a short circuit inside the battery.
Recall from the previous section, lithium-
The ion battery contains separator pieces that keep the positive and negative electrodes separate.
If the paper is punctured and the electrode is in contact, the battery will heat up quickly.
If you put a normal 9-battery, you may have gone through the heat that the battery will generate
Volt battery in pocket
If a coin is short-circuited on two terminals, the battery will get hot.
In the fault of the separator, the same short circuit occurs in the lithium-ion battery. Since lithium-
The ion batteries are so energetic that they get very hot.
The heat causes the battery to discharge an organic solvent used as an electrolyte and the Heat (
Or sparks nearby)can light it.
Once this happens within one of the cells, the heat of the fire cascade to other cells, and the entire package rises in the flame.
It is worth noting that fire is very rare.
Still, only a few fires and some media reports are needed to prompt the recall.
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