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how long does the 3v motherboard battery last?

by:HGB     2020-06-10
You might ask \"What is the 3v Motherboard Battery \"?
On most computers, there is a 3 volt lithium battery on the motherboard for two functions.
First, it keeps the update of the computer\'s time.
Secondly, on the old computer, it keeps the BIOS settings (Low level start-Up instruction)in memory.
By the way, on most modern PCs, time is updated from the web.
The 3v battery is just the time to keep the computer powered off.
This is useful because the motherboard clock is not very accurate and it is easy to lose a few minutes every day.
If you turn off your PC case, you\'ll see something on the motherboard that looks like a small and thick silver coin.
That\'s the battery.
Other types of batteries are used on newer machines (Ni-Cad, NVRAM)
But the frequency of these findings is much lower, so I will not discuss them further.
How long can it last?
If you search for this issue on Google, anything between 3 and 9 years.
Everyone has different opinions.
In my experience, the average is about 6 years.
It is basically a large watch battery and constantly provides a small amount of power to the motherboard.
Like many of my watches, the battery can be used for 2 or 6 years (
For some reason, Fossil watches don\'t seem to last long for me).
How long does the PC deliver in the warehouse?
Also, how long is the motherboard in the warehouse before it is installed to the PC?
Why is this important?
If you have a relatively new PC, the only problem you\'ll get is the error message related to the clock at startup. No big deal.
If your computer is old, then a low battery can be a nightmare.
I have a computer that refuses to boot every few months.
The first thing I did was to look at the BIOS settings instead of taking the PC in person to fix or start replacing the parts.
The BIOS settings were quickly destroyed (Wrong bus speed).
I put a Volt on the battery and sure enough it was reading 2. 2 volts.
When the motherboard, memory, processor, etc all dropped to $2 battery, it was easy for me to spend a lot of money replacing them.
What\'s more, these batteries are easy to buy.
What you need is that most hardware stores like Home Depot have CR2032 and I \'ve even seen them sell at safeway.
Of course, every computer store with good reputation should be purchased.
Just check before you go to the store and make sure your computer is using CR2032!
I run a computer maintenance company in Vancouver.
I always tell people with clock issues to check their motherboard battery first before calling me.
It\'s easy to check and replace for most people.
I don\'t want to make money by fixing something so simple.
So how do you change?
Very easy in most cases.
It should be easy to remove with tweezers, just be careful not to short (top)and -(bottom).
Also be careful not to overemphasize the clip that holds it in place.
After replacing the battery, the BIOS settings will be set to the default.
This means that if you have any special settings (
Boot sequence, overclocking, etc)
You have to enter the BIOS (
Usually F2 or DEL when starting)and reset them.
It\'s also a good opportunity to reset the time and date.
Use the arrow keys and return to change these settings.
So all in all, if you have a PC that shows a clock error or a BIOS problem, check out the small 3 volt battery first.
It can save you a lot of money.
Happy computing!
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