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how to build a bicycle carrier

by:HGB     2020-06-14
It\'s easy to ship your bike to the bike lane with a bike carrier.
You can build one in the backyard or in the basement instead of buying a commercially manufactured bike carrier from a local bike shop, depending on where you can use welding equipment without interfering with others.
Once the bike carrier is safe in place, you can transport the bike anywhere.
Description difficulty: moderately determine the length requirements of the carrier, the carrier will be locked in place at the rear of the vehicle (Not on the roof).
The length of your choice must be enough for your pedal to rest outside your vehicle bumper.
Add 12 inch to this measurement.
Cut a metal pipe with a steel saw equal to this measurement.
Cut the second metal tube 1/2 long.
Weld the two metal tubes together to form a \"L\" shape. Weld a 14-
Inch metal tube on top of \"L\"
\"You will pass the bottom of\" L \"to the hitch.
It will be parallel to your bumper. Weld two 4-
Top mount the inch arm at the end of the bracket.
Drill a hole in the lower arm.
Wrap the arm and mounting bracket together with foam insulation.
This prevents damage.
Pass the carrier\'s lower arm to the car hook.
By pushing a hook pin into the hole you drill into the lower arm with your hand, lock it in place.
Place the cross tube of the bike on the arm of the carrier.
Fix the bike with bungee rope.
Wrap bungee cord around the cross and seat tube.
Pull the ropes around the bike frame back and fix them down.
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