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how to replace the lithium battery and fuse for your dvd gps navigation system

by:HGB     2020-06-11
The first part puts the lithium battery on the remote control: When the distance of the remote control is shortened or there is no function, please replace the new lithium battery.
When you replace it, you must clearly recognize the polarity, otherwise it will not work.
Please refer to the steps below. a.
Please press the plug first and then you can pull out the battery seat. -
Replace the lithium battery and fuseb.
Place the front of the battery up (+)
To the holder. -
Replace the lithium battery and fusec.
Finally, plug the battery seat into the remote control. -
Replace the lithium battery, note: Do not use the rechargeable battery.
Don\'t throw the battery into the fire, it may explode.
Do not clamp the battery with metal tweezers.
Do not disassemble the battery and do not charge the battery.
In order to avoid interfering with the remote control signal, do not let the strong light shine vertically on the remote control or the infrared receiving head of the panel.
It is 2 m apart from the machine with an angle of no more than 30 degrees.
It works better with the remote control.
When you replace the fuse, you must ensure that the use of the fuse current is properly matched.
If the fuse burns, please check the power connection and replace the fuse again.
If the fuse burns out after you replace it, then there may be a failure.
In this case, please consult a nearby dealer.
Warning: please make sure you do not use the current that the fixed current exceeds the fuse, otherwise it will damage the aircraft.
Now you can replace them for your car gps navigation system.
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