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never ignore laptop screen bright spot or dark spot - …

by:HGB     2020-06-28
For the laptop screen, the dead pixels can be said to be normal. Everyone is carefully selected when buying.
Some consumers think that it is normal to have dark spots on the screen without affecting use. If there are bright spots in the middle of the screen, it will directly affect the application experience.
Due to the inherent reasons of the liquid crystal panel, it is difficult to avoid dead pixels, and the relevant regulations of the liquid crystal display (screen)
The requirements are also very clear. The only bad thing is that more than three products are unqualified.
At the same time, notebook manufacturers clearly stipulate on their products that only a certain number of dead pixels are available for replacement.
Generally, when buying a laptop, opening the package or installing the system, when unpacking the package, the dealer will ask you to determine whether to buy this product. If you decide to buy it, pay the purchase price at this time, then debug for you by the technician.
Whether to buy a laptop or not, there are dead pixels that need luck. Even there are obvious highlights and black spots in the middle of the screen, which cannot be replaced without exceeding the relevant regulations.
In fact, with the continuous improvement of LCD panel production technology, the situation of dead pixels on the laptop screen has gradually improved, and the proportion of dead pixels appears very small.
At the same time, with the increasingly fierce competition in the notebook computer market, not only is the war between manufacturers, but also the competition between dealers will be more intense.
As long as the requirements of users are not too harsh, it is not difficult for dealers to achieve good sales results and will be accepted.
A few years ago, when diving surfaced, the problem with liquid crystal displays first appeared, which appeared in various industries --
Standard argument.
In recent years, the problems highlighted by LCD have never been ignored, but they have different performances in notebooks.
Laptops are expensive and account for a large part of the cost of the LCD screen, but as far as I know, there are not many important factors for choosing the bright spot reader of the notebook LCD display as a choice.
Intel to save energy, high
As the primary consideration for consumers to buy notebooks, performance, portability and other factors are deeply rooted, highlighting the problems that many people have even been deliberately or inadvertently ignored.
The reason for highlighting the LCD display structure (whether laptop or desktop) with an LCD display comes from different parts of the hierarchy.
The LCD is composed of two glass components, with a thickness of 1mm. In this process, it contains (LC)
Material with a spacing of 5 μm.
Because the liquid crystal material itself is not bright, there are light source lights on both sides of the screen, behind the backlight LCD display board (
Even the lamp Board)
The backlight is a fluorescent material that can emit light. Its main function is to provide even background light.
From the first polarized filter layer through to the liquid crystal layer, the backlight has thousands of crystal droplets.
The liquid crystal layer in the crystal drop is contained in the small cell structure, and one or more units form a pixel on the screen.
Between the glass and the liquid crystal material is a transparent electrode, divided into rows and columns, rows and columns intersect, and by changing the optical State of the liquid crystal by changing the voltage, the liquid crystal material is like a small light valve.
In the liquid crystal material around the control circuit and drive circuit part.
When the liquid crystal field is produced in the electrode, the liquid crystal molecule produces distortion, which will exist through one of the refraction rules of the light, and then through the second filtering layer of the filter layer shown on the screen.
For laptops, more sophisticated color LCD displays are used, but color monitors with color filters are also handled in particular.
Typically, the color LCD panel, each pixel consists of three LCD units, each of which is a red, green or blue filter in front.
In this way, the light through different cells can be displayed on the screen in different colors.
In fact, all the highlights are not defects of the LCD. The LCD dead pixels, including highlights and dead (dark)
Second, the basic principles they produce are the same.
The LCD display is working properly.
For the LCD, the display resolution of the 1024x768 group is 786,432 points (
A point group composed of three points, which controls the brightness of RGB filters respectively)
, Use a spot color at the top of each group responsible for the spot color display, independent of the light intensity.
This happens with all LCD monitors, including the digital camera color LCD screen on top.
The reason is that the LCD display at each point has a separate transistor to control the current strength, and if the point of the transistor is broken, it will cause the point of the lamp to never turn on or not,, when the bright color of a given color is fixed, this is the highlight of the LCD.
At present, based on the analysis of the causes of liquid crystal suppliers, liquid crystal display will produce bright spots, because the damage of liquid crystal display to the function of liquid crystal, resulting in power supply and signal power supply, the liquid crystal optical partial mirror does not work properly, leaving the liquid crystal in a black backlight state and displaying non-
If in the opposite direction throughout the state of continuous darkness, black highlights constant light as a bright white light, called a black spot.
So why does LCD light experience damage to sexual function?
No matter at what stage, because all
But these causes may include the death of the liquid crystal when it was young, the foreign body entering the internal LCD causes the liquid crystal display to be abnormal, but, in fact, the analysis of the supplier is difficult to say the real reason.
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