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Phones could soon be charged in less than a MINUTE: Experts build superfast and flexible power pack out of aluminium

by:HGB     2019-10-24
Due to the aluminum battery charging in less than 60 seconds, the frustration of waiting for the phone to charge may soon be the past.
And the technology is greener, safer and more flexible than the current battery.
It\'s the first high.
Aluminum battery with \"fast\" performancecharging, long-
According to its designers, it\'s long-lasting and cheap.
Aluminum batteries were made at Stanford University in California and the results were published in the journal Nature.
Dai Hongjie, lead author and chemistry professor at the University, said: \"We have developed a rechargeable aluminum battery that can replace existing storage devices such as alkaline batteries, which are not good for the environment, lithium-
Ion batteries that occasionally catch fire.
\"Our new battery won\'t catch fire even if you get in.
Low price of aluminum, low flammable, plus high
Charging storage capacity.
But scientists have been trying to make a commercially viable aluminum.
Ion batteries, because after repeated charging and discharge cycles, it is difficult to find materials that can produce enough voltage. The aluminum-
The ion battery consists of two electrodes.
A negatively charged anode made of aluminum and positively charged graphite cathode and ionic liquid electrolyte.
These are sitting in flexible polymers. coated pouch.
Ming Gong, a graduate student at Stanford University, added: \"at room temperature, the electrolyte is basically the salt of the liquid, so it is very safe. \'Lithium-
Ion batteries are in danger of fire.
\"In our study, we have video showing that you can drill the aluminum battery bag and it will continue to work for a while without fire.
\"But the lithium battery goes out in the air, in the car or in the pocket in an unpredictable way.
In addition to safety, we have also made major breakthroughs in the performance of aluminum batteries.
When lithium
It can take several hours for the ion battery to charge, and the charging time of the new battery is \"unprecedented\" and reduced to one minute.
Unlike other prototypes that die when they charge only 100, Stanford batteries can also withstand more than 7,500 cycles without losing capacity.
In contrast, typical lithium
The ion battery lasts about 1,000 cycles.
\"Another feature of the aluminum battery is the flexibility,\" continued Mr Nguyen.
\"You can bend it and fold it so it\'s possible to use it in a flexible electronic device.
Aluminum is also a cheaper metal than lithium.
\"Currently, rechargeable aluminum batteries can generate about two volts of electricity, the highest level that aluminum batteries can reach at the moment.
But the researchers explained that the voltage of the battery is limited compared to the existing technology.
Professor Dai said that the voltage generated by our battery is about half of the typical lithium battery, but improving the cathode material may eventually increase the voltage and energy density.
\"Otherwise, our battery has everything you should have for your dream battery: cheap electrodes, good safety, high safety
Fast charging speed, flexible, long cycle life.
I think it\'s a new battery in the early days.
Very exciting.
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