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PLUG: An Insanely Powerful Portable Battery Pack

by:HGB     2020-06-06
Like a lot of people like their gadgets. -
Also spend time outdoors and traveling-
I have collected a small number of portable battery packs.
You never know when you need to charge your smartphone, tablet, portable speaker or lamp.
ChargeTech\'s plug is completely different, taking the concept of a portable battery pack to a whole new level.
Not only can you charge your smartphone (multiple times), you can also plug in and run devices like your laptop or TV through a pair of international AC sockets.
This is very impressive in a battery pack that is actually portable.
PLUG was provided as an Indiegogo event, but at the time of writing, it had already received 2659% of the funding to begin shipping this month.
I tested the plug Pro and it is the same as the plug, but the capacity is 54 KmAh instead of 42 KmAh (slightly larger for the extra battery) which is $20 more expensive than the $350 Plug.
You can also order portable AC power directly from ChargeTech.
Once I had the plug fully charged again, the LED reading confirmed to be 100% charged and it was time to see what it was capable.
It is important to note that although there is an AC power outlet, the plug does not mean to power only the electronics.
I started with the iPhone 5S and the iPad Mini.
Both have been in storage for months, and both have completely exhausted their batteries.
They charge side by side to 100% using dual USB fast
Charging port (although it did take 6 hours for the iPad ).
Next, a large portable speaker with a total battery drain of 9,000 mAH.
Then there are smaller Bluetooth speakers.
My iPhone 7 Plus is red so I charged the battery for it.
At this point, I don\'t have anything to charge.
According to my calculation, the total battery capacity of the device I use the plug to charge is 24,000 mAh, because my iPhone and the second speaker do not start completely from scratch, so please give me a little time.
The LED of the plug shows the capacity of 59%, which seems to be great
Based on the accuracy of my numbers.
Next, I plugged in a 23.
Battery pack inch qhd led display in AC power outlet.
Before the plug finally exits, I was able to run for two hours and 34 minutes at normal brightness.
Although the manual warned that the plug could reach 140 degrees, I have never really encountered a situation where the plug feels hot.
When multiple devices charge at the same time, it is warm to touch, but there are many vents, and the small fan does not even start during the test.
I have seen this power capacity before, but the unit is the size of the small cooler.
The plug Pro unit I tested is about the size of the hardcover novel and weighs less than many laptops.
It is compact enough and light enough to fit in the backpack.
This will be perfect for off-
Grid camping in addition to one capture-
You have to keep it from raining.
I can also see that it is very useful as a home emergency power outage solution.
The highway warrior may miss this in the computer case to end the anxiety of the laptop socket and even plug in the projector if needed.
Disadvantages: Re-
Charging do you have a portable power supply for 54 thousand horses to use?
In addition to the price is not important, the biggest problem is the time it takes to recharge from scratch.
I have done it several times now and spent most of the day.
There is a 40 w panel that offers solar charging options, but based on my experience using solar camping equipment in Canada, I expect this to be a multi-sunny project.
The demand for recharging also brings a questionable design choice.
The cable connecting the power plug and the power brick is only 7 inch long--
A ChargeTech representative said this was to make the trip as compact as possible.
However, this means that if the plug is plugged into a typical wall socket to charge, its power brick will hang in the air instead of sitting on the floor.
I don\'t look dangerous. -
The cable is thick, no pressure--
But it looks strange and can prevent you from plugging the battery pack into some of the power outlets that are hard to reach.
Also, I should mention that the plug supports pass-
By charging so you can re-
Charge the battery pack while the battery pack is used to charge other devices.
Recommended if you travel with a lot of electronics, or want to have a backup power supply for devices like smartphones to laptops, plug Pro (and plug) is definitely worth considering-
Cable TV is short though.
The combination of ultra-high capacity, high quality Tesla batteries, compact size, 250 W output and the ability to power the device by directly plugging in a pair of universal AC sockets is very noticeable.
Ultimately, you need to decide whether the ability to power the AC device and have a large-capacity battery pack is worth paying an extra fee for sticking to USB charging and carrying (and maintenance) a cheaper, lower-capacity battery pack.
Disclosure: ChargeTech provides a plug Pro for review purposes.
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