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Porsche Offers a Pure Electric Sports Sedan: Konzept Studie Mission E

by:HGB     2020-02-28
The concept car can be a fantasy sugar flight, or it can be an almost undisguised production car that reaches the dealership lot within a year.
But every concept car is a lightning demonstration of engineering depth and a new way forward.
The same is true for Porsche\'s electric vehicle concept Mission E.
Last summer, Porsche won the Le Mans 24-hour race with 919 kilometers of gas.
The electric hybrid, produced by the turbocharged gasoline V4, produces about 900 hp, 500 hp, and 400 HP by the motor.
The 919 model, which beat Audi, Toyota and Nissan, continues the legend of Porsche at the circuit.
No other company has won Le Mans more times than Porsche, and no other company has so consistently used Le Mans as a test ground for future production projects.
Porsche made its debut in Frankfurt this weekelectric four-
Mission E sports car.
Yes, it\'s a konzess studie with spinning sugar fantasy interior design, but Porsche has issued a patent or is under review for most serious technology related to the car.
They may be producing the car within 18 to 24 months, and with the increasingly stringent federal emissions and fuel mileage regulations, it is likely that the car will be produced.
Porsche needs an electric car.
It is related to Porsche\'s use of racing as a research and development laboratory. electric vehicles are very similar to those used in 919 cars, this proves their reliability and resilience in Le Mans and other important sports car endurance races over the past two years.
While Porsche has not claimed, if the infrastructure for delivering fuel becomes extensive and commercially viable, the basic body structure of Mission E is likely to hold hydrogen fuel cells.
In other words, Porsche can develop and sell two advanced power systems suitable for the same basic vehicle, a typical efficient engineering approach.
Fuel cell cars require all the components of an electric car, except that the battery pack can be much smaller and the car has to carry fuel stacks and fuel tanks.
No matter what, zero emissions.
But the chatter about the Porsche fuel cell car is only an informed guess at this point.
Let\'s take a look at Toyota\'s impact on the future.
Prove further that the E-mission is real, not just the dream of showing the car pipeline?
Porsche confirmed that Mission E development vehicles posted a lap speed of less than 8 minutes on the North Ring Road in newborgreen.
If Porsche can support this, it proves that it is a fully designed and properly developed vehicle.
Porsche\'s innovative 800-
The Volt system, compared to most electric vehicles operating at 400 volts, doubled the voltage.
Using the newly developed \"Porsche Turbo\" system, lithium
The ion battery can be charged up to 80% in 15 minutes, enough to charge another 250 miles.
As an alternative, task E can be connected to the traditional 400-
Volt charging stations like found using the charging point app.
Porsche has also developed
Home inductive charging system.
Simply park the car on the coil on the garage floor to transfer the energy to the coil at the bottom of the car without a cable.
Here\'s a key data point: Porsche claims Mission E can drive 300 miles on a single charge.
With such a collection, I\'m looking forward to a long weekend at wine country on the central coast of Californiaproduction car. The lithium-
The ion battery pack runs under the cabin floor between the front and rear axles, resulting in proximity-
Perfect front and rear weight distribution and low center of gravity are positive attributes for sports cars.
The battery is not light, in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, the body is made of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber
The reinforced polymer is all the material Porsche has used in highway and racing for years.
The current production of Porsche sports cars is from high
They are lighter than most cars and perform fairly well.
The peak of the car 911-
It was inspired by a height of 51 inch (1300mm.
In fact, Mission E really looks like a stretch 911 which is what we always wanteddoor Porsche.
This is the most important part of talking about Porsche.
Two motors, one on the front shaft and one on the rear shaft, provide a power of 440 KW, which is about 600 horsepower.
Remember why electric cars accelerate so fast: they have a torque of 100% at zero rpm.
From the moment you set off
Pedal, you have all the power available. The all-
The wheel drive system with the Porsche torque vector distributes power to a single wheel that can be best applied.
Mission E will reach 60 miles per hour in less than 3 hours.
For 5 seconds, the top speed is 155 miles per hour.
Unlike most electric drive systems, they get tired and fall when asked to repeatedly provide full power
Porsche believes that Mission E can provide complete
Even after several other such operations have been completed recently, the power acceleration will run.
The car is not tired.
Porsche is overtaking at 800. volt system.
These two electric motives are closely related to the motor that conquered Le Mans last summer.
Task E 800-volt rapid-
The ability of the charging system and induction charging.
It charges just over 300 miles for the entire journey.
Its handsome body structure is formed in lightweight materials, catching the four
Gate 911 sports car.
It reaches 60 miles per hour in less than 3 hours.
In five seconds, Porsche claimed to have released a sub-vehicle.
The 8-minute lap of newborgreen. It’s a Porsche.
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