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power to the pedal

by:HGB     2019-10-18
Not long ago, anyone riding an electric bike was considered odd.
But advances in technology have led to the popularity of electric bicycles.
Although only a few hundred units have been sold each year in the past decade, the industry successfully transferred about 20,000 units in 2005.
In addition, manufacturers have surpassed the singlegear, throttle-
Design a prototype of a new generation of electronics.
The bike has gears and in some cases it just \"helps\" the rider and not does all the work for them.
Dan Hornby, the UK\'s largest importer of electric bicycles, cherry blossom Battery Co. , Ltd. , said one of the most important attractions is, this new type of bike allows you to make short trips at the other end without the need for a shower.
Once you decide whether to find a bike to help you or a bike that can do all the work, there are many other tough decisions to make.
Perhaps the most important thing is to consider how many vehicles you are willing to take.
The weight of the electric bike must be less than 40 kg by law, but the lightest weight is only 17 kilograms
It\'s a big difference if you need to take your bike up and down the stairs every day.
While the material of the frame is critical, the type of battery you choose will also have a significant impact. The old-
Lead-acid batteries are the most common and cheapest.
However, they are also the heaviest.
While replacing lead-acid batteries will not cost the earth, it may add 7 kg of the weight of your bike. The most up-to-
The date bike battery is either a nickel-metal hydrogenation or a lithium polymer.
The latter is lighter but 200 more expensive than nickel
Based on alternatives.
However, weight is not the only advantage of lithium batteries.
Alan Mckeown of Alan Electric in Hampstead, north London, said they would also have a slightly longer life span --
A little less span and charging time.
However, hoenbi of cherry blossoms believes that this difference is not enough to justify the price difference.
Regardless of the battery type, most electric bikes can currently travel about 20 miles on a single charge.
15 miles per hour (
Legal requirements)
, This is enough for the needs of most users.
Many industry insiders have been calling for a 15-mile/hour cap (
While most bikes can manage higher maximum speeds, bicycles sold in the UK are limited due to legal reasons).
However, considering that the electric bike rider does not need a license, does not need insurance, and can use it only at the age of 14, he considers it dangerous to relax the rules.
Electric bike batteries take an average of four hours to fill up.
But Mckeown warned that battery performance would drop rapidly if the battery was not used for a long time.
With the rapid growth of demand in the UK, more and more companiesincluding well-
Famous brands such as Giants-
Funds are being invested to improve technology.
Several companies are considering using hydrogen fuel cells to power bicycles, which will be more eco-friendly than electric models, Mckeown said (
While electric bikes do not produce any emissions, they still consume electricity).
Similarly, aesthetics is much better than it was a few years ago, and many batteries are now hidden inside the frame instead of sticking to the outside of the frame.
In fact, Swizzbee and Sakura\'s wild horses have a better chopper.
It looks more bike-pushing than usual.
However, Hornby predicts that electric bikes will be better in the future --
Nevertheless, the life of the battery will be longer and the weight will continue to decline.
Electric dream * SwizzbeeWith Heinzmann engine, one of the fastest models.
It can reach speeds of over 45 miles/hour without restriction.
Price and weight: 2,500, 26 kg battery: 24 V, 7 Amp, nickel metal hydrogen (
Or 10 am p lithium polymer for an extra fee). Charge time: 3-
4 hours range: 20-
30 miles from Cherry Blossom Mall
By design, plus storage.
This is a more competitive bike with a powerful 14 am p battery.
Price and weight: 639, 39 kg battery: 36 V, 14 am P, lead-acid Charging time: 8 hours range: about 20 miles * one of the lightest bikes.
The rider can choose to use the foot, engine or combination.
Price and weight: 899, 20 kg battery: 12 V, 6.
Hydrogen absorption time of 5 amps, nickel metal: 3 hours 50 minutes range: 18-
The 27-mile * Dahon El 2006, released in September, will be the lightest bike on the market.
A folding model.
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