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prius plug-in: why it\'s your call on electric future cost

by:HGB     2020-06-29
I often talk to people next to me on flights or when we wait for a plane.
Most people like a little company.
You\'ll be surprised how many people are upset about flying and value a little distraction.
Sometimes we have a good chat.
The conversation always changes with my work (
When I find out what they do first).
As soon as I mentioned the car, the problem came.
It\'s not surprising that electric cars have dominated chat in the past few weeks.
This has been the case since Volvo announced that they will \"go\" to electric vehicles.
Directly, I blame Volvo for creating unfounded chaos.
The fact is that they are not fully electronic.
Some of their new cars will use electric components, not diesel and gasoline engines, or with diesel and gasoline engines.
But diesel and petrol vehicles will last for a long time.
The problem is related to what you call \"electricity.
Today, it covers all the battery/power components that help it move.
To put it simply, there are four \"electrical\" categories: pure electric (
Electric motor); Hybrid (
Electric \"light mixing\" of gasoline engines \"(
Lift engine, stop/start, small extra battery for oncar functions).
Yes, they are all \"current\" of some shape or form \".
However, the use of diesel and/or gasoline is not over and they are part of the future mosaic of the car.
However, they will increasingly be added to the Toyota Prius plug in this week\'s review vehiclein hybrid (PHEV).
The concept of hybrid and plug-in cars excited me.
Ins for a long time. Plug-
Ins is an extraordinary concept, but like everything else in life, it comes with compromise.
They often ask a question.
But more is
The Prius hybrid is still an original wonder.
It has a gasoline engine that comes with the power of the motor/battery pack.
Each input is controlled by the computer.
We take it all for granted because it has been around for so long, but it still fascinates me. The Plug-
Go further in the version.
It lets you charge the larger battery pack so you can drive 35 km/50 km without the engine working.
A lot of fuel was saved.
Of course you have to unplug the cable and plug it in, but that\'s the cost-effective.
If you have a moderate commute, you may never need an engine in a week.
They claim a UN. worldly one-litre/100km. That\'s 283mpg.
In the real world, of course, this is not a hope, but a claim that the emissions are 22g/km (roughly one-
The best diesel/gasoline engine can manage the fifth)
Road taxes are low.
I got below 4l/100 km on my drive (71mpg).
If I work harder on charging, I can be above 85 mpg, no problem.
During my journey, the country route took up a large part;
As soon as I play slower, the town traffic will improve as I travel more with battery power.
This Prius looks smarter now.
I like the look in front of \"new.
But there is a bigger compromise (lithium-ion)battery pack (
Towards the rear)
It robbed the boot space (
Down from 501 liters in the \"normal\" Prius to 360 liters here).
In addition, the rear seat is now limited to two (
Enough space though).
Also weighs 130 kg.
Charging is faster, however (
2 hours to 3 hours/10 minutes according to source)while its dual-
The motor drive allows the generator of the hybrid system to act as the second motor. Clever. The 4cyl, 1. 8-
A large number of modifications have been made to the gasoline engine, and through electric-
The hybrid system develops motor inputs for 122bhp.
Continuous variable transmission (CVT)
Not producing too much time.
Lag is \"boom\" when I try to accelerate: a big improvement.
I don\'t think people will buy this car for reasons like handling it, so I won\'t waste your time: it\'s a neutral, enjoyable car.
I turned to Toyota Ireland for expertise in satellite navigation (
I think this is great;
Same for interactive touch screens)
And it is recommended that you spend a lot of time understanding how the car works before driving away. This hi-
The technical, flexible and complete packaging is a bit like a master class.
I love my drive even if I feel very guilty about charging.
Nevertheless, I must point out that the price of the \"ordinary\" Prius is nearly 6,000 euros higher than the starting price (
17 wheels, 76g/km, 3. 3l/100km).
So you pay more for less boot/rear side
Seat room, but significant fuel economy is available if you choose the plugIn.
This is the choice we all face in the future of power.
Toyota Prius plug
Luxury in mix; 1. 8-
Gasoline/electric motor/battery pack (122bhp);
22g/km, 170 euro tax, 1 liter/100 of equipment includes: Toyota safety awareness (
Pre-adapted cruise control
Collision System, pedestrian detection, lane departure reminder, car high beam)
8ins multimedia system, 4. 2ins TFT multi-
Information Display, satellite navigation, 15ins alloy, dual zone climate control, rear air conditioning, rear cross traffic alert, rear-
View the camera, adaptive LED headlights, front fog.
The solar roof adds solar roof.
Luxury: leather seats, JBL audio/10 speakers, park assist.
Price from 37,125 euros (
Including VRT 2,500 euro rebate, 5,000 euro SEAI Grant).
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