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Raising the cycling stability of aqueous lithium-ion batteries by eliminating oxygen in the electrolyte

by:HGB     2020-06-22
Lithium water-
Ion batteries can solve safety problems related to lithium
Ion batteries using highly toxic and flammable organic solvents and poor cycle life associated with commercial water rechargeable batteries such as leadAcid and nickel
Metal hydrogenation system.
But all the reports say
The ion battery system showed poor stability: After 50% cycles, the capacity remained generally less than 100.
Here, the stability of electrode materials in water electrolyte is extensively analyzed.
Negative pole of lithium water-
Ion batteries in a discharge state can react with water and oxygen, resulting in a decrease in capacity during circulation.
By eliminating oxygen, adjusting the pH of the electrolyte and using carbon-
Coated electrode material, LiTi2 (PO4)
3/lithium ion battery
The ion battery exhibits excellent stability, with a capacity of more than 90% after 1,000 cycles, fully charged/discharged within 10 minutes, after 50 cycles, the capacity is maintained at more than 85%, and the charging/discharging of the energy storage system that provides high security, the cost is low, the cycle life is long, and the energy density is appropriate.
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