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rc lipo batteries

by:HGB     2020-06-07
Lipo (
Lithium polymer battery)
Used in many electronic devices.
Lipo batteries are similar to lithium-ion batteries.
Their nominal voltage is 3. 6 volts.
Unlike lithium-ion batteries, lithium-polymer batteries do not have a hard metal housing, but instead surround chemicals inside with flexible materials.
Main reasons for the use of lithium batteries in RC (Remote Control)
Plans and helicopters are much lighter than similar NiCad or NiMH batteries, which makes our RC planes and RC helicopters fly longer and longer.
If you have previously flown an RC model using a NiCad or NiMH battery, switch to Lipo (Lithium polymer)
The battery will result in the use of a different number of batteries.
If you have 6 to 7 round batteries, then 2 lithium polymer batteries will copy the voltage of these batteries correctly.
There are so many choices.
There are many Lipo battery manufacturers.
It is difficult to choose the right RC Lipo battery, especially for newbies.
Battery manufacturers are constantly trying to complement each other.
While competition will keep prices down, it will also lead to false statements about the product. It\'s not cheap to go out.
Confirm that your battery is able to run the current level you plan to use them.
Running the battery at a C rating higher than the battery can handle will not only damage the RC Lipo battery, but also damage the speed control.
It\'s better to buy a better Lipo battery than you need instead of destroying your electronics and risking an RC plane or an RC helicopter.
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