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recharge-i-fy your 2cr5 battery

by:HGB     2020-06-17
As a heavy user of the Canon EOS film camera, I can pass the specified battery in a short time.
Replacing batteries is expensive and more expensive.
How can I be a movie hipster and not ruin the bank? ?
To charge.
Friendly to the environment.
The camera battery is called 2CR5.
It is a complex battery that connects two 123 batteries in series with an output voltage of about 6 volts.
The rechargeable 2CR5s does exist but is expensive and has a uneven operating history in the field.
In this note, we will disassemble the 2CR5 battery and rebuild it with a cheap rechargeable battery.
The 2CR5 battery is a lithium battery made of two smaller 3 Volt batteries (
123 cells, popular with high-intensity flashlight crowd)
Connect in series to make 6 volts.
In the sample seen above, these batteries can be clearly seen.
Duracell and other battery manufacturers label around the battery so that it is not easy to see both batteries.
Cells can be displayed just by peeling off the label. 1.
Hold the cells firmly using a set of clip or pliers. 2.
Twist the battery until the metal band connecting the battery breaks. 3.
Remove the battery and any remaining metal contacts and send them to the recycling center. 4.
Keep the plastic case of the battery.
* Note: Please try only if the battery is dead.
If the battery is fresh, it is possible that the battery will short-circuit and warm and even catch fire.
Unlikely, but as the electrical engineer on the Dreamliner will tell you, \"respect your battery!
\"In this step, we will replace the electrical contacts connected to the original battery in the battery. 1.
Fold 1 inch by 1 inch aluminum foil to the width of the battery contact (about 4mm wide). 2.
Pass the foil through the slot at the top of the battery. 3.
Put a drop of chrysanthemum glue (super glue)
At the contact site and connect the folded aluminum foil to the site. 4.
Trim the foil for neat contact if needed. 5.
Repeat other electrical contacts.
I will replace the 123 battery with a CR2 battery that is still 3 V but shorter.
So we will have to take up some space with non-conductive gaskets.
I used some closed cell foam from an old sepad ad. 1.
Cut a small piece of foam and place it on the top of the battery rack.
Dry fit and trim as needed for a comfortable fit.
You can glue the foam inside or simply compress it to the top of the battery frame. 2.
Fold the electrical contact material over the foam gasket and paste it with glue to the other side. 3.
Just like you are at the top, cut and install the foam gasket for the bottom of the battery frame.
Because the CR2 battery is short, I need a mouse pad of 2 thickness to fit them comfortably. 4.
Once your bottom gasket is in place, stick a piece of aluminum foil on the foam to connect the battery by electricity (in series).
The yin side of the battery was slightly recessed, so I folded the aluminum foil several times to make sure it was in contact with the battery.
Once everything is ready, it\'s time to put them together. 1.
Found on top of battery case.
The first battery will enter the front slot (nipple side)facing up. 2.
Reverse the other battery from the first one (
Face up). 3.
My battery is comfortable and not easy to move.
If you feel that you need some additional safety measures, wrap around the battery with a piece of tape to make sure the battery remains in place. 4.
If you have a Volt/Ohm meter, check the battery assembly to make sure you have the correct voltage and polarity.
The battery assembly will run a little \"hot\" on the voltage because there is no load on the battery.
As long as it is at or above the rated voltage (6 volts)
You may be fine.
The moment of truth. 1.
Plug in the battery assembly to see how the device reacts.
In this case, my Canon EOS 10 s response is working as expected. 2.
Recharge when needed.
Skills and tricks: 1.
I used 2 CR2 batteries for this hack.
This is not a bad option as they are 3 volts like the one they replaced but not as high as the 123 batteries they replaced.
In the field of batteries, larger usually means larger capacity.
So, I can expect a shorter life span than replacing the battery with a rechargeable 123 battery. 2.
You can use the same technology if you have a rechargeable 123 battery, but the spacers will be a bit different.
Enjoy a fully charged 2CR5-like battery!
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