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red dot or crosshair?

by:HGB     2020-06-30
Since I first used a 1, pistol hunting optics has grown a lot.
3X Bushnell Phantom mirror many years ago.
Thankfully, we have a few good options for a variety of apps.
Today\'s pistol hunters use several different types of optical systems in the wild.
Many people hang red dots on their favorite six shots, while others prefer the more traditional range of the cross-line. Which is best?
This may depend on several factors, including gun selection and specific use.
Recently, I \'ve been looking for squirrels with Mark III customized from UltraDot\'s MatchDot II red dot system.
This is a major example of a high quality red dot scene for small and large hunting.
I also have an optical system like this on a Ruger Super Black Hawk Hunter.
44 Magnum, decorated by Magna-
International ports.
There are other companies offering red dot products, but I am more familiar with UltraDot.
The red dot is the user-
Friendly, provides a wonderful asset for aging eyes.
There are four point sizes for MatchDot II: 2-, 4-, 6-and 8-MOA.
Most of the time, I prefer the smallest, 2-
The MOA setting of 2 \"will be overwritten at 100 yards.
The unit also contains two different cross patterns.
Height adjustment can be made with their new bullet drop compensation device \"dynamic.
Adjust within sightIt\'s painless.
Another useful feature of hunting is 11 settings for brightness adjustment.
This is handy when you are hunting under various lighting conditions.
You only need to adjust the strength of the point according to the situation.
This red dot vision is parallax.
Free 50 metres.
Fast target acquisition speed, unlimited vision.
I can go-
Aiming with points is much faster than trying to queue upup iron sights.
Most shooters will most likely get their goals faster with red dots than the cross-line.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the attachment included ---
Install rings, lens covers, tube extensions, hex wrenches, polarized filters, and even 3v lithium batteries.
All of this is under $200!
After eating a few squirrels and a few deer with this red dot, I can tell you that it works.
The device can withstand hard-
Kick, big-bore revolver.
I know a few pistol hunters who use this optical system.
454 Casull and other bones
Never had an unfortunate experience.
In addition, 30mm of the pipe weighs only 5 ounces.
I really appreciate that it still works very well with insufficient light.
If you can see your goals in scope, you are doing business.
Red dots can be adjusted, do not distort the visual image, very prominent on the target.
For the hunting game, the Red Dot makes me like it more than the cross line.
When shooting at close range, such as hunting deer in the woods with a revolver, red dot aiming is a good choice.
Since I have never changed the battery, I am not sure how long it will last.
Another idea is the shortcomings of the red dot attractions.
They are not the best choice for accurate or long distance shooting. Remember, a 2-
MOA settings Cover 2 \"and 6-100 yards-MOA covers 6\".
Shooting at a distance of 100 yards away, with a zero magnification becomes a challenge.
When I hunt with red dots, I limit myself to around 100 yards.
If you happen to have a red dot unit that doesn\'t have an adjustable light setting, you end up with a situation where you can\'t see the point or it\'s too bright.
When testing the precision load, I always prefer the advantages of the cross alignment.
The cross alignment provides higher accuracy when shooting prairie dogs or other small targets.
In the case that any long-term hunting opportunity is the norm, like the antelope or mule deer in our western countries, the cross-line becomes a logical choice.
The pistol telescopes of Bushnell, Burris, Leupold, Nikon and Weaver provide hunters with a variety of optical systems.
Hunters can choose from a fixed power range to a variable power range according to their own special pursuit.
Les usually appears in the form of duplex design.
Another option is the luminous cross line.
For long range shooting, the ballistic integrated cross line on Burris 3-
12 x is beneficial.
I have their B & C le With The Leupold rifle telescope installed on several singleshot pistols.
The hash mark below the center cross alignment provides the necessary hold-
End of extended range.
If you take the time to be on the range and shoot your specific load under different codes, the effect will be good.
Once you know the exact distance of the target and apply the appropriate hash tag, most guesses can be eliminated.
Both the Red Dot and the cross line have their proper position.
Much depends on the particular pistol and the intended purpose.
If you were like me, you might enjoy both.
For more information: www.
American gunmen.
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