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review: 2012 hyundai sonata hybrid

by:HGB     2019-10-17
This is inevitable, isn\'t it?
Hyundai occupies an important position in most important automotive fields in the United States. S.
For a while now. -
Trucks apparently excluded-
So the appearance of the 2012 Sonata Hybrid is not surprising.
But compared to the technology borrowed from another automaker over the past decade, many of the first
The timer is like this.
The size car is equipped with cutting edge, home-
Mature technology.
The most striking is its compact lithium
The polymer battery pack, even the undisputed hybrid champion Toyota, has yet to use it as a toy for mainstream hybrid models.
It\'s with one by four-
Cylinder engine, motor and six
According to the EPA, the speed automatic transmission promises fuel economy for 35 miles of cities and 40 miles of roads.
Combined Power and traditional four
But the car weighs about 250 pounds.
Its reserve price is $26,625, five times higher than standard cars.
Such efficiency is still not cheap.
Some of the money was spent on the striking body of a hybrid. Its gaping-
The mouth, deep side skirt and reshaped rear bumper both improve the aerodynamics and provide a more positive look.
Light chrome
The trimmed upper grille sits on the headlights, like an upturned nose, leaving it with rhino eyes ready to charge.
On the inside, the hybrid, like any other Sonata, has no complaints.
The seats in this car are very comfortable and modern in design.
The only major difference is the size of the trunk, on paper the trunk is dripping down from a cave-like 16.
4 cubic feet to 10.
7 cubic feet, due to the installation of the battery pack, but it seems to be larger than this.
Only two options are available except the paint color.
There is a leather package that includes a heated seat for $1,500 and an ultimate package for $5,500 including double sunroof, navigation, 400-
Unlimited HD stereo in Watt, some extra decor and 17-inch food-
Processor Blade rim-
It is best to cut off the air with it.
The modern new Blue Link telematics system is standard and offers a concierge and security service similar to GM\'s OnStar, but please do not tell Hyundai I have already told you
Start Sonata (
The hybrid hasn\'t really started yet, right? )
Press the throttle and you usually pull it away with the battery-
The electric mode is accompanied by a larger sound than usual, but a bit cool, the sound of the electric motor.
If there is enough juice in the battery, it will run like this for a while.
You knew when the gasoline engine started.
Not so much because of noise, but because it is often accompanied by a slight surge in power, or because it decides what equipment it wants to use, it hesitates a little. Bothersome?
It\'s not obvious, but it\'s obvious.
Keep the cruise fast and everything goes well.
The mixed information is displayed on the meter set and on the center console monitor, indicating the reliable use of the motor.
On a flat or downhill section it can switch to all-
Electric modes with speeds of up to 74 mph, as is often the case.
On the highway, I found it interesting to change the transmission to a manual transmission, lock it in the sixth gear, and put the throttle to the ground, which requires the motor to speed up, instead of slowing down and accelerating the engine.
I don\'t know if this works, but since other hybrid cars that use a \"gearless\" CVT transmission don\'t allow you to do so, that\'s what I like.
However, it hit the surface of the brake and another mixed bugaboo.
The pedal didn\'t work at first and then bit harder than you thought because of the electricity
Generates a regenerative braking system, which eventually becomes easier to adjust as the disc takes over to slow down the car.
For programmers, there may be more coding marathons here.
The Sonata Hybrid is a rookie effort that sometimes shows up.
The conversion between gas, electric and combined drives is not always seamless.
You \'d think the car was a good one, but you never figured it out.
This is quite acceptable to a large extent, but my job is to be picky, with the last 10% improvements, and lack of more experienced efforts in the hybrid field.
Unfortunately, the fuel economy could be another area of that.
Despite the high numbers on the window stickers, the best I see in highway driving is 32 miles, and my overall average is 27 miles. 5 mpg.
Of course, I don\'t run the EPA loop, but something closer to the low end of the official Sonata figure would be more impressive.
One thing that continues to impress is the modern set of warranty coverage, which has been enhanced in the Sonata Hybrid for a lifetime, though not
Transferable warranty for battery pack.
This only covers the main faults, not the decrease in the fraction of the charging capacity that occurs over time, but increases the guarantee in the case of all faults
New technologies are involved.
Hyundai says its tests show it\'s good in 300,000 miles, so it\'s a no.
People in the marketing department.
Choosing a hybrid instead of a standard sonata and a 24-mile/hour city, the 35-mile/hour highway fuel economy rating could be lower, which could be what they make it look so good
I predict that many customers will like it because of its body, which you can\'t say for too many ecological environments. friendly cars.
As for the other side, no one, even Porsche or BMW, has made their hybrid car perfect for the first time.
According to its record in other aspects over the past few years, you can be sure that Hyundai will appear next time.
This is almost inevitable. ----------
Price of 2012 modern sonata mixed base: $26, 625As test: $31,485 power system: 2. 4-liter four-
Cylinder engine and power: 206 hp, 195-
Ft torquetranssion: 6-
Do you have a modern Sonata Hybrid?
Tell us what you think in the comments section.
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