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TD HiTech announces innovative heat-dissipation solution for Li-ion battery packs.

by:HGB     2020-03-03
TD HiTech energy
Battery Management System (BMS) developers and batteries-pack and -
Module manufacturers operating Taiwan\'s Welldone Group recently announced a major breakthrough in the battery sector
Package heat dissipation technology claims to delay battery decay, extend battery life, and greatly improve the reliability and safety of the battery pack. Yang Mo-
President of TD HiTech, senior lithium battery-
Ionbattery scientist said the company\'s products will adopt the new technology in order to further enhance its international competition.
TD HiTech has accumulated more than 10 years of experience and knowledgehow in battery-
Packaging assembly is the leader in the development of light electric vehicles (LEVs) bmss.
The company is currently the largest supplier of lithium.
Ion battery pack for electric bicycles and electric scooters;
It not only has a strong market foothold in Taiwan, but also in Europe and the United States. S.
\"We don\'t produce-
Yang explained, \"but we have been trying to find qualified battery manufacturers and customize them with our professional electronics and mechanisms-
Develop the most suitable battery pack for global customers.
In my personal opinion, this is the most effective business model for our customers and ourselves in the fast-growing electric vehicle application market.
Yang introduced the new battery of TD HiTech. pack heat-
At a recent press conference, dissipationsolution provided protection for battery pack circuits and institutions.
Yang pointed out that the chipset is used for battery protection-
Package a printed circuit board (PCB) to detect and record the health status of each battery pack, and the protection system can continuously provide updated information on the condition and life of the battery.
According to Yang, this protection mechanism includes a harder battery pack and a patented method to homogenize the temperature of each battery when it is discharged.
This optimizes the performance of batterypack.
In addition, Yang stressed that TD HiTech has developed a special-alloyheat-
The guide board connects each power battery in the battery pack.
This special alloy can reduce the impedance of each contact point on the battery, thus reducing the heat generated.
TD HiTech has also developed its own automatic welding equipment to further improve the reliability of the production process from a typical 90%.
Manufacturers using manual cell packagingwelding.
In addition, the chair stressed that new alloys are cheaper and have better conductivity compared to most other materials used for this purpose.
Yang said his company is working hard to further improve through recent technological breakthroughshigher-
Capacity of vehicle batteries.
His company is expected to roll out a battery pack with a capacity of 50%-
Size of 2012.
According to data from TD HiTech, the company\'s newheat-
With the general 48 V (13S11P) e-
Scooter battery pack: 28% decrease in battery impedance and 26% decrease in maximum battery operating temperature (from 63.
1-47 degree scelsius), the temperature difference between different cells is much lower (5 degrees, with the usual 15-
20 degrees), the discharge life increased by 40% (from 500 to 700 times) and the discharge capacity increased by 10% (from 20 Ah to 22 Ah ).
\"TD HiTech always insists on safety, intelligence, efficiency and reliability in our products,\" Yang said . \".
\"We do not produce batteries, but we are the best in choosing the most suitable batteries and optimizing the packaging system.
Our company will continue to adopt better and more advanced materials, improved institutional design and technology
Leading electronic monitoring systems enable our packaging products to meet the highest standards of safety and customer trust.
\"The two battery packs of the company, 48 V/20Ah and 48 V/16Ah, have passed the TES (Taiwan E-
Standard for scooter) certification, qualified for government subsidies.
The company presented a new 24 V/36 V 10 Ahpack model at the 2011 Taipei International Bicycle Show and plans to launch a joint development with the German electronics company Songxia soon\"
Yang reports that his company has shipped about 50,000 battery packs worldwide, including Magna, Canada, major electronics
Bicycle brands in Europe and Europebike and e-
Motorcycle manufacturers in Taiwan last year.
The target of 2011 is 100,000 packs.
The chairman noted that 700,000 to 800,000
Bicycles were sold in Europe in 2010, and sales are expected to increase to about a million this year.
\"The main markets for TD HiTech are Europe and Taiwan ---
Mainly export their high. levelproducts--
\"In China, we have been trying to find strategic partners for business development,\" he commented . \".
\"We are optimistic about e-commerce.
Taiwan\'s scooter market is winning strong government subsidies.
At 2010, over 3,000
Scooterswere is on track to sell 20,000 units.
\"TD HiTech provides battery packs for most of e-commerce
Scooters sold in Taiwan in the past two years.
We are also looking forward to the rise of e-commerce.
Scooter Market in Europe
Some companies in Germany have already deployed e-commerce.
Motorbikes, and some people in Italy have started electronics.
Leasing business.
I think these developments will accelerate the development of e-commerce.
Scooter sales in Europe.
Yang stressed that TD HiTech is now the largest and most experienced supplier of lithiumion power-
Taiwan\'s battery pack, which currently produces about 10,000 packs per month, is the number that the company has worked very hard to upgrade to the pack.
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