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test drive: hyundai sonata hybrid deserves a plug

by:HGB     2019-10-21
Huntington Beach, California—
Called the Tesla effect.
Until the arrival of the gorgeous Tesla Model S, Plug and Play
Hybrid cars are considered ugly variants.
Toyota\'s Prius hybrid thinks it\'s a strange, but the pace of aviation
Friendly appearance and small wheels will silently shout out its environmental awareness to other drivers.
Now, those days are rapidly disappearing as more and more mainstream products move towards \"green.
Hyundai Sonata hybrid and plug-in
Hybrid varieties are new.
They are attractive, lush mid-sized cars, with almost no difference from traditional power cars, except for having charging ports, some extra signs and some decorative modifications.
However, they got an impressive gas mileage.
Hybrid vehicles alone are expected to be rated 40 miles per gallon in the city, 44 miles on the highway and 42 miles overall.
If these estimates are passed, they will be 10% better than the previous Sonata Hybrid, even in the Second Sonata Hybrid
Prius generation(
Prius is now the third generation, the fourth generation, and is expected to look better on the journey. )
New 2016 Sonata plug
In has not yet had a formal rating, but Hyundai said it is expected to be listed around 93 MPGe, a confusing measure taken by the government against electric vehicles.
In the real worldmine —the fuel-
The \"use tracker\" in the meter group shows 53 mpg when the battery is fully charged and about 40 mpg when the battery is not fully charged.
We were there, however, in leather-
Wrapped in a solid luxury, whisper-
Quiet Highway Flyer, so stylish that you will never flinch before going to the valet stop at the Ritz HotelCarlton.
Because of its simple packaging, you may not know how much the Sonata hybrid: Powerplant has changed.
It was reduced by a 154-horsepower 2-liter, four-
Cylinder engine paired with now-
More powerful 38-
KW motor. Its electric-
The top speed is only 75 miles per hour.
It\'s with a six
The modern official speed transmission lacks the \"rubber band\" feeling of CVTs entering the competitive model.
We suspect that if there is a way in modern times to further improve the mileage, it will turn to the CVT. Battery.
With the emergence of peppier electric motor, a more robust lithium
The polymer battery has 13% more capacity than it replaces.
It is under the trunk floor, creating more space in the trunk and allowing the rear seat to fold up and store the goods. Aerodynamics.
Changing the design before and after Sonata makes it more and more slippery in the wind. With a 0.
Hyundai says the coefficient of resistance for Sonata is now equal to all the coefficient of resistance
Electric Tesla Model S
While Hyundai points out the improvement of the Sonata Hybrid, there is no similar comparison of the Sonata plugin.
Because this is the first plug in a modern car.
Unfortunately, the hybrid was originally sold only in California and Oregon and then in New York and seven other East Coast states, all of which are subject to the same supercars
Strict emission regulations, basically required
Of the cars sold.
Unless you\'re in a mood to order specifically, the rest of the country is unlucky.
Its main attraction is that it can run 24 miles by electricity alone, enough to cover many daily commute distances.
Its battery is five times that of the Sonata Hybrid.
Modern cars boast electric cars
The only distance is further than its main competitors, Honda Accord and Ford Fusion plug. in.
In the low oil price period, it is not easy to attract buyers to buy a car that saves gasoline.
But driving is a pleasure.
So well isolated from the noise that it is not always clear when the gas engine is connected --
The car can be sold as easily as gasoline with quiet factors.
All the stingy ways of Sonata plug
Of course, there is no shortage in pep.
Once you have overcome the guilt associated with aggressive driving burning extra gas, you will be impressed with its pickup truck.
The electric motor is 32% stronger than the motor used on the Sonata Hybrid, working with the engine, and the power reaches an impressive 202 HP.
Combination provides all features at any level-
Need a medium-sized car driver. Sonata plug-
From 240 in about three hours-
From Standard 120 to volt outlets and 9 hours
Volt power socket.
After all the excitement of the hybrid or hybrid plug
In Sonata, other features are what you expect in the regular deluxe version.
Seven airbags, mirrors and navigation on an 8-8
Forward-inch screen
Blind collision warning
On-site inspection, etc.
Later this year, Hyundai will become one of its main competitive advantages and one of the first automakers to be able to connect smartphones to cars through Google\'s Android Auto and Apple\'s CarPlay.
Big problem with Sonata hybrid and plug
The hybrid will be the price.
The current upcoming Sonata hybrid starts at $26,825, including shipping, about $5,000 higher than the traditional version.
The new price may be similar, but the price is still high. The plug-
Although it is eligible for a federal tax credit, it will be priced higher.
If a driver\'s goal is not to call it from the overpass, but to be eco-friendly, then both cars are worth choosing.
What stands out: it\'s a huge noise: It\'s a small fantasy factor: High Sonata hybrid and plug
What is the mix detail?
Eco version of the popular Sonata sedan.
The hybrid was redesigned; the plug-
This is the first modern car. Where?
Built in Korea
How much: no price either, but when asked if the price of a hybrid would be close to the $26,825 to be listed, including shipping, Hyundai officials nodded. The plug-
Everyone guessed it.
What makes it go: There\'s a 154-horsepower 2-liter four-
Bung and electric motor. The plug-
The battery and motor of In are more powerful.
How big: The Sonata Mix will be 106.
1 cubic foot passenger flow, which Hyundai calls the best of its kind.
How thirsty: the Sonata Hybrid could be rated 40 miles per gallon in the city, 44 miles on the highway and 42 miles overall. The plug-
The government\'s power department should come in at 93 miles. car measure.
We drove about 53 miles of electricity on mixed streets and highways, 40 miles of gas.
Overall: no compromise in elegant packaging, but plugin
The price of In may become a show host.
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