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The Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101-A1 Review

by:HGB     2019-11-20
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Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101-
A1 credit: androidtm specific operating systemxa03. 2Display10.
1 \"LED Backlight ga (1280x800)
Screen * more than 110 fingers
Touch support scratch resistant glass®Tegra2™Memory 1 gb storage16 gb/32 gbxa0Asus Webstorage Space * 2 wireless data network wlan 802 unlimited year. 11 b/g/n@2.
4 GHzBluetooth v2. 1+EDRCamera1.
Premium sound quality microphone 1 x Mini HDMI2 x audio jack (Headphone/Mic-In)
1 x card reader: Micro SDSensorG-
SensorLight sensorgyroscope-
Multiple applications
Task support:xa0YesFlash support:xa0Is * 3 software :-ASUS Launcher-MyLibrary-MyNet-MyCloud*4-File manager-
The computer is synchronized. 5 hours; 24. 4Wh Li-
Polymer batteries with docking station * 5 dimensions271 x 516*176 hours. 8 x 12.
98 mmWeight680 G mobile DockKeyboardTouch Pad2 for x months.
02 x interface (Host + Client)
1 x card reader (MMC/SD/SDHC)1 x 24.
4Wh battery Note :(
Take off directly from Asus worldwide. com. Reference to (# Specifications)
My ReviewI has owned this tablet for about half a year.
I originally purchased this tablet just for my school and business work to see how it can transition from a tablet to a personal mini laptop that is easy to transport and use.
But after using it at home, I realized that it has not only the powerful multimedia features to watch videos on Netflix or Youtube, but also the ability to edit videos when purchasing apps at the Google Play store.
The Asus tablet also has a fast operating system, strong sound quality and awesome battery life.
But it also goes through a long power-on time and it\'s hard to remove the USB case on the dock, and the storage capacity is very small unless you upgrade with a Micro SD card or USB.
First of all, I am very happy with my Asus tablet as it is very portable and can be used almost anywhere.
It\'s like having a bigger phone but you can\'t call with it.
So when I have work to do on my phone, I end up transferring it to the tablet because I can view it on a larger screen and due to processing, I was able to have units faster.
Second, the operating system of the Asus tablet is very smooth.
Operating system (
As mentioned above, under the specification)
Run Android 3.
2 cells that can be upgraded to 4.
Ice cream sandwich with Adobe Flash Player 10. 2 support.
The system allows you to quickly and efficiently change from one app to another.
This is very helpful when I am working on a document and need to refer to the website, I can easily switch back and forth between the two and let me get resources from the website for information faster.
Third, it has a great speaker system, especially for tablets!
I can play about 15-from my tablet-
20 feet, wonderful music can still be heard.
If you really think about it, it\'s pretty good considering it\'s a tablet. Most tablets (
I tried a lot.
Not made to enhance the sound.
But the Asus tablet allows the music to get bigger due to the way the speakers are placed on the tablet.
Fourth, the quality of video playback on Asus tablets is high becausexa0NVIDIA®Tegra™2 1. 0GHz dual-core in it.
This allows the video to be uploaded at a faster speed and is able to watch the video at a higher quality.
This is great because it\'s a great tablet for you if you look at Netflix or Hulu!
I have always been satisfied with how good my video quality is.
Finally, the battery life of the Asus tablet is amazing.
Its own tablet is about 5-
6 hours of running time but when I connect the Asus tablet to the docking keyboard station it can reach about 16-
Battery life is 20 hours.
If you turn it off after the tablet runs out, it can last for a few days, if not a week.
I haven\'t charged for 6 days, that is, use it for a few hours a day.
I am very happy with the battery life of the Asus tablet.
The boot time on Asus tablet is slow and sometimes you need to hold the Start button 10-
15 seconds, and sometimes even press the button many times.
It\'s a small setback for tablets, but it\'s a bit frustrating when you\'re trying to get into a tablet quickly.
But once the tablet is running, it will run smoothly.
In addition to that, the docking station of the Asus tablet does have a nasty USB cover, and if you want to plug in the USB on the docking station, it will take a little effort to remove it.
It\'s a bit frustrating to remove it unless you have long nails or something to grab the USB lid.
Finally, there is indeed a very small storage unit on the Asus tablet.
The Asus tablet is equipped with only 16 gb of memory ,(
You can upgrade to 32 gb, or you can have a micro SD card or USB. )
I find myself running out of memory from time to time for the work I do on the tablet.
I found that due to the lack of memory on the tablet, the processing was slow and I had to transfer the data from the tablet at least once a month.
I love my Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101-
A1 is a good device to project and create documents on.
It also plays back the video brilliantly, produces excellent sound quality, has a fast processing unit, and has excellent battery life.
While its boot time is slow and the USB case and small storage units are annoying, I won\'t trade it for any other brand of tablet, unless it\'s an upgraded version of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer.
I encourage everyone to try out this tablet because it won\'t disappoint you!
What others say is \"This equipment is well built, good quality, greatxa0Screen.
\"xa0xa0|xa0xa0265xa0The commenters made a similar statement. (Amazon. com)
\"I like this thing very much, I will buy another one tomorrow if something happensxa0It!
Alex Tamulisxa0xa0|xa0xa0128xa0The reviewer made a similar statement (Amazon. com)
\"You have to press the power button twice to get into the unlock screen, but when you unlock it, the screen becomes blank right awayxa0Again.
B. xa0xa0|xa0xa098xa0The reviewer made a similar statement (Amazon. com)
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