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thieves decamp with solar batteries from botanical garden | chandigarh news - times of india

by:HGB     2020-06-26
Chandigarh: As many as five solar cells were stolen from the Botanical Garden\'s ambitious solar project on Wednesday night.
The thief cut the iron fence in the south and entered the garden.
West corner of the garden.
Although three guards were on duty during the vigil, the thief managed to steal the battery.
When the security guard found that the lower box of the solar light pole was opened and the battery was lost, the incident was exposed.
Bhupinder Singh from the forest department reported to the police that the theft occurred between eleven o\'clock P. M. and five o\'clock A. M.
He also said the thief entered the garden after cutting off the garden fence.
The forest department put forward an FIR for unidentified persons at District 11 police station.
The solar cells are installed by the technology department.
The stolen battery is part of a traditional solar lamp, where the battery is kept on the ground and it is easy to break the lower part of the solar lamp vote and steal the battery, senior officials said.
At the same time, officials from the science and technology department said that the theft of faucets, water pipes and iron barbecues had become routine in the garden, and that the situation continued despite the increased safety within the garden, more than 176 acres of land.
Santosh Kumar, director of science and technology, said: \"I have discussed this with IG, UT, and he assured me that in the future all possible assistance will be provided for theft that is prevalent in the garden.
The stolen battery will be replaced soon.
We have decided to install the new version of the solar light, which, contrary to the traditional version, the battery exists on the top of the light.
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