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tips to get the most from your li-ion batteries

by:HGB     2019-09-05
If you want to make the most of your energy
Ion batteries for mobile phones, laptops or tablets, you can use the following 6 tips.
These tips can help you as some devices do not have replaceable batteries.
Read on and learn more.
Battery cycle or charging cycle of \"charging cycle\" Li-
The ion battery is limited.
In other words, once the battery has experienced the maximum number of cycles, it will be useless and will no longer power your device.
For example, once the Apple iPhone battery has more than 20% cycles, it will lose 500 of its power.
So what can you do to maximize the life of the battery?
Well, all you have to do is avoid unnecessarily letting your battery go through charging and discharging cycles.
In fact, your battery should \"exercise\" on a regular basis to keep it alive.
Partial discharge and full discharge, according to some people
The ion battery should not be completely drained before charging.
It\'s okay for others.
The fact of the matter is, Lee-
The ion battery has a powerful on-board circuits.
It may be tempting for you to use the correct charger, but it is not recommended that you use one charger to charge all devices. For long-
We recommend that you use the correct charger.
Actually, the correct charger is the one that comes with the device you purchased.
It provides the right amount of power for the equipment.
If you charge for the third time, the life of the battery will be affectedparty charger.
If you really want to use the third one
Party charger, make sure you buy one from a reputable seller.
It\'s a good idea to use the original charger all the time.
The original charger extends the service life of the equipment.
Ideal temperature the ideal room temperature to charge you
The ion battery is about 20 degrees Celsius.
Because we don\'t live in the climate.
Control the environment and extend the upper limit to 45 degrees Celsius.
If you exceed this limit, your battery life will be significantly reduced.
Again, the temperature below 5 degrees Celsius is not good for your battery.
The frequent drop in body pressure is not good for the battery as it triggers a leak of corrosive chemicals. Long-
Long-term storage if you want to store your device for a few months, you should charge your device at around 50% and put it in the safe.
If you store it without charging, your battery may not charge at all.
So, if you \'ve been looking for some great ways to extend your phone\'s battery life, we suggest you try these tricks.
What you actually need to do is use less of your battery.
In other words, you should avoid using your phone unnecessarily and use it only when you need it.
Installing unnecessary apps may put more pressure on your phone\'s battery.
Therefore, its life will become short.
Hope this helps.
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