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Top 5 Electric Vehicle And Energy Storage Metal Companies To Consider

by:HGB     2020-06-17
This article first appeared on trend Investment in February. 14, 2019;
So all the data is up to that date.
The two biggest trends in the next decade are the rise of electric vehicles (EVs)
And energy storage (ES).
At present, the growth rate of electric vehicles is about 70% pa, and the growth rate of ES is about 100% pa.
Investors who want to buy several key EV and ES metals such as lithium, cobalt and rare earth (neodymium)
Graphite, nickel, copper and vanadium, and then the following companies are all perfect for them as they all offer access to several key metals.
When choosing the top five EV and ES metals companies, I considered those companies that have multiple metal production (or resources)
, Ideally, focus on the metal that is most affected (See below).
Rare earth mainly includes nd (Nd)
Because of its role in many electric vehicle magnets.
Note that vanadium may play a key role in large-scale commercial energy storage and therefore is included.
Source of impact on various EV metal requirements in the 100% EV World: Visual Capitalist courtesy of UBSNote: The chart above is based on Chevrolet Bolt removal. Future e-
Cars have more nickel and less cobalt. 1)Glencore [LSX:GLEN][HK:805](OTCPK:GLCNF)-
The price = EV and ES metal is £ 298 and Glencore offers a large amount of cobalt, nickel, copper and vanadium.
So far, Glencore is number one in the world.
One cobalt producer of their DRC mine.
They are currently experiencing a reversal of DRC royalties and tax increases, as well as the issue of cobalt sales in the Katanga Mining industry [1]TSX:KAT](OTCPK:KATFF)(
Glencore has 86.
Katanga Mining 33%).
Glencore is also a very large producer of copper, nickel and large vanadium.
The main source of revenue for Glencore includes copper, its trading department (
Including cobalt as a by-productproduct)and coal.
The following figure shows the distribution of Glencore\'s income, pointing out that Glencore plans to expand investment in nickel production ~ $ 1b to find more nickel under Craig mine in Sudbury Onaping, Canada
According to the division, Glencore\'s current market value is 2017. 5b (~US$52b)
The final debt of 2019 Euros is estimated to be around $25 B. 2019 PE is 9.
0 and 2020 PE are 8.
6. an estimated 2019.
Dividend yield of 25%.
2019 net profit margin forecast in 2. 48%.
At present, analysts agree that the price target is 372, up 25%.
The risk lies in their DRC exposure, and the benefits they bring to the heavy exposure of key EV and ES metals. 2)
NV advanced metallurgy Group 【NA:AMG][GR:ADG](OTCPK:AMVMF)-
Price = 30 euro.
From EV and ES metals, AMG provides exposure to vanadium, lithium and graphite.
AMG key materials produce aluminum parent alloy and powder, titanium alloy and coating, vanadium iron, natural graphite, chromium metal, antimony, lithium, ta, nb and silicon metal.
AMG\'s revenue and gross profit compared to 2017 in the third quarter and 2018 in the third. The current market cap is 930 euros, and the debt of 2019 Euros is estimated to be zero. 2019 PE is 8.
6 and 2020 PE is 8.
0, an estimated 2019 2.
Dividend yield of 71%.
Net profit margin is expected to be 2019. 34%.
The analyst\'s current consensus price target is € 53.
20, up 73%.
You can check out the latest presentations from the company here. 3)
Capital company Cobalt27. [TSXV:KBLT][GR:27O][LN:OUPZ](OTC:CBLLF)-Price = CAD 3.
From EV and ES metals, Cobalt27 provides exposure to cobalt metals, cobalt streams and royalties, nickel, and new and small lithium royalty exposures: In addition, cobalt 27 also relates to royalties from silver, lead, zinc, copper and SC.
Note: Cobalt27 also announced a large-scale repurchase of 8 recently.
4 m common stock, accounting for 9.
9% of issued and issued shares.
The current market cap is C $336, and the final debt of C $2019 is estimated to be C $62.
2019 PE is still negative, but 2020 PE is 12.
8. no dividend yield.
The estimated net profit margin is 2020, 46. 31%.
It is now agreed that the analyst\'s price target is CAD 11.
14, up 183%.
Investors can check out the latest company introductions here. 4)
Norilsk Nickel (LSX: MNOD)(OTCPK:NILSY)-Price = USD 20.
From EV and ES metals, Norilsk Nickel provides the opportunity to contact nickel, cobalt and copper.
Note: Many of Norilsk\'s revenue comes from other areas as shown below.
Palladium is a key component in catalytic converters.
The cobalt is not shown because it is a-
Products produced by nickel.
Nornickel Revenue Schedule-
The current market cap is $32 B and the net debt is $5.
8b as of H1 2018 (
Not Updated recently). 2019 PE is 8. 6, with a 5.
Dividend yield of 84%.
Estimated net profit margin of 2019 ~ 9%.
Analysts are currently aiming at $21.
37 represents a rise of 4%.
Investors can check out the latest company introductions here. 5)Neometals [ASX:NMT](OTCPK:RDRUY)(OTCPK:RRSSF)-Price = AUD 0.
21 from EV and ES metals, the new metal offers the opportunity to contact lithium for processing/recycling (
Some lithium, nickel and vanadium (also titanium)
: Note: Neometals also have some great intellectual property rights in processing technology, such as their ELi Craft.
A possible use would be to produce the zeolite from the lithium-pyroxene leaching residue.
2017 of the world\'s synthetic zeolite Market (
Sieve for adsorption agent and Catalyst)
Worth $13. 7B.
The current market value is $114 and there is no debt.
The PE ratio is no longer applicable to stop lithium revenue once the final share of Mt Marion mine sales is completed;
However, the company is expected to have about AUD110-130m in cash.
Future revenue plan from lithium hydroxide plant, Li-
Ion battery recycling, and perhaps the Barrambie vanadium project.
Market Watch analyst price target is AUD 0.
50, up 138%.
Investors can check out the latest company introductions here.
You can read more in my article: \"Update of new metal.
Top 5 worldwide
The above-mentioned CATL ion battery manufacturers are likely to expand the fastest, and both LG Chem and Tesla/Panasonic and BYD are expanding rapidly.
Also note that the benchmark mineral large factory tracker is now 68 (
68 New or expanded lithium ion battery factories).
Note: BASF [mineral]GR:BAS](OTCQX:BASFY)
Johnson Mattel [LSE:JMAT]
Plans to Enter the cathode market.
In addition, Tesla/Panasonic may be a bright spot in the future.
Source: Bloomberg was provided by LiberumTop 5 global electric vehicle manufacturer in 2018. Source: evsales you read more details of the above etf here.
The boom in electric vehicles is not a problem that will happen now, but how fast it will grow.
In addition, the energy storage boom, including lithiumion batteries (
Some commercial houses)
And vanadium flow batteries (
Large utility VRFBs).
Glencore cocoa is exposed to cobalt, copper, nickel and vanadium, but all DRC issues must be addressed.
The AMG has access to vanadium, lithium and graphite.
Cobalt27 is mainly exposed to cobalt, a large amount of nickel and a small amount of lithium.
Norilsk Nickel is exposed to nickel, copper and cobalt;
The role of palladium in catalytic converters.
New metal elements make lithium processing in the future (
Pass Mount Mariontake)
, Some of the small lithium exposed, some nickel, vanadium (and titanium), also with Li-
Recycling potential of ion batteries.
Umicore and Sumitomo Metal Mining, the top two cathode producers, are also great ways to get in touch with electric cars and the ES boom indirectly.
Overall, I like them given the extensive exposure of all of the above companies to electric cars and ES metals.
My only problem is that it is difficult to find a lithium producer that also has other electric vehicle metals, which is one of the reasons why Neometals and AMG are on the list.
The Cobalt27 is now also moving in the direction of lithium and has taken the lead in cobalt and nickel.
Finally, the battery metal etf also offers a wider range of investment opportunities, with BATT being the most diverse.
I am happy to hear any other name with extensive EV and ES metal exposure.
All comments are welcome as usual.
Disclosure: I am/We are long-term Glencore (LSE:GLEN), COBALT27 [TSXV:KBLT], NEOMETALS [ASX:NMT]
Nickel Norsk [LSE:MNOD].
This article was written by myself and expressed my views.
I received no compensation (
In addition to Seeking Alpha).
I have no business relationship with any stock company mentioned in this article.
Supplementary disclosure: the information in this article is of a general nature and should not be used as a personal financial advice.
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